About Us

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Janet is a powerful, passionate love-centered speaker who has devoted her life to healing others and being in a career spanning over 36 years. Her experiences and insights have given her the foundation of compassion and unconditional love in seeing humans’ beings in a different light then they may see themselves.

On her personal journey she embraces her own spiritual awakening, and from that point onward her world began to shift in miraculous ways as each moment began to unfold the real truth of her existence and not the misunderstanding of her past thoughts and beliefs. With time, patience and a determination to live a happy life Janet made it her life commitment to uncover the real truth- that love is all there is, it is the answer to all things- in the past, present and, forever more…

Janet empowers others to open up their hearts and shine the light of their true divine nature, for within our inner being lies a beautiful light-This light shines very brightly when it is nurtured, loved and acknowledged. On the journey we call life so many of us have forgotten our true gifts and how to live in a joyful state of well- being filled with purpose and passion.  When we begin to realize who we are the world takes on new meaning and our lives are changed forever.

“When we realize all of the blessings we receive are here to gently guide us towards the direction we are meant to go, then we begin to open up life’s beautiful gifts of love, peace and joy to the fulfillment of our deepest desires and dreams.”

Janet’s messages are inspiring, uplifting and heart centered as she gently reminds us of all the wonderful unique qualities and talents that we all possess when we open the door to our magnificence by loving, accepting and honoring ourselves completely.

Janet is a leader in the “tapping technique” in addition to intuitively helping others to recognize their own “energy signature” so they can better stand in their own personal “power” and take hold of their life by learning ways to recreate themselves in much healthier alignment with their true divine nature.  She is angelic card reader, and life coach instilling gentle loving techniques to assist others on their journey.

As an author, her booksMy Eyes are Open” and “My Heart is Open” discuss how we can live life loving, passionately and with purpose. Janet provides inspiration with wisdom, using suggestions and simple tools to empower others to recreate their own lives and make wonderful positive shifts so they claim their own inner power, confidence and resiliency knowing that all they need is already deep within their essence of their divine perfection.

Janet’s third book of this trilogy –“My Soul is Open” will be released in 2016/2017

Janet’s Co-Author project is also under way and due to be released October 2016 Over 10 authors have come together in this project of LOVE by dedicating a chapter to the challenges in each one of their lives, and how remaining resilient has helped them to overcome, rise above the storm and shine in their light within.