Love it No Matter What ( a chapter from my next book-in the making)

A chapter from my next book in the making… Love it, No Matter What So what does that mean? It can mean many things to people depending on who you think you are and what you think you are not. Oh my, what a journey this has been and continues to be for all of … Read More

Walking the Tight Rope

Here I am just sitting outside relaxing when some amazing occurs…. I closely watch as a squirrel so agile as he quickly scurries across the electrical wire, ekkk…it reminds me of a tight rope. I hope the little fellow doesn’t fall off. Wow, he did it… so easy and effort ... Read More

The Time has come….

It feels like a million years since I have been on by blog. To my devoted followers my apologies as I was on a mission to finish my book. Finally my labor of love is done and published. “My Eyes are Open” telling the story of my spiritual journey; a road well traveled with fear ... Read More


A distant friend of mine once said: “A way to step up to prejudice is to walk around blindfolded.” I found those words to be compelling and eye opening. I thoroughly enjoy exploring these ideas further, what do you think? Walk with me and imagine how different things could be. Our worl ... Read More

Tears on my Pillow/Wisdom in my Heart

I cried myself to sleep so many times I’ve lost count. Although I remain to be a very upbeat joyful positive person most of the time, there are occasions when the little girl that resides within me cries out for someone to look, understand and accept her for who she really is. She wa ... Read More

Falling Back Together

Early one morning, I awoke sweating and shaking. I wasn’t sick but I did feel nervous. It wasn’t something I could put my finger on and I started to cry uncontrollably. I had no idea why. So I sat (something which I did very little of in life) and I asked myself “whatR ... Read More