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Resilience In The Storm”

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Janet’s Co-Author project has just be released! It was a best seller with 11 hours of its launch Over 10 authors have come together in this project of LOVE by dedicating a chapter to the challenges in each one of their lives, and how remaining resilient has helped them to overcome, rise above the storm and shine their light within. “Resilience in the Storm” is full of wonderful insights, strategies and tools to help anyone who is searching for guidance on ways to cope, learn, and grow from many life altering circumstances.

n the Forefront- A new project is now underway for a special book about bullying of children/adolescents/teens etc.. and how it impacts their relationships , their heart, their self-esteem, and their well-being. A must read for anyone who has been touched by this in their family or with someone they know.

Remember who you are, and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it worth striving for …

REVIEWS OF “My Eyes are Open

clip_image006clip_image006clip_image006clip_image006clip_image006 Soul touching: a personal journey of forgiveness, acceptance and unconditional love
My copy of Janet’s book looks like a textbook examine book, as it’s full of notes and underlines. I found her thoughts and stories, from which I would occasionally laugh out loud, were so relatable to mine own, that it was like visiting my best friend. A perfect gift!

Janet’s book takes us through her most heart-wrenching, yet heart-warming introspective look at life’s journey; imploring unconditional love for oneself, and communication with overwhelming odds for forgiveness, tenderness, and acceptance. A book I believe all of us can relate to!

Referencing her life as, “artwork in the making” and how “fulfillment comes when we realize we are the creators of our reality.” Janet feeds our soul on how occasionally we need to walk away from other’s ‘drama ‘or it will diminish our spirit, and affect our ability to ‘feel well.’ Thus, influencing our daily decisions and personal growth, by not allowing us to ‘live in the moment,’ but have overwhelming concern about the future.

Further gleaming’s: “Life is about choices.” Overcoming our fears and false perceptions by placing our energy on the attention and intentions we seek. Life is about: “living from the values in your heart, everyone has highs and lows how you choose to react to them makes the difference in your world, as well as the people you touch.”

I found Janet’s book so enthralling I read it in three hours’ time – not wanting it to end!
J. H.….                                                                                                                

My Eyes Are Open” is an intensely personal narrative of the author’s spiritual and personal growth. It depicts the truths of the inner psyche in a way in which we can all relate too, either now or at some point in our lives. Despite the serious nature of the book, the author keeps the tone light and full of energy and motivation. She manages to convey a sense of hope and light in the darkness, all stemming from her own life experiences and ability to grow from what she has learned. The reader too grows with the author as they follow her on her journey to discover her purpose, and her understanding of how to truly live life to the fullest with no regrets. A must read for anyone battling their own personal demons, or those who simply wish to expand their horizons.

I have known Janet for a few years and find her to very optimistic, energetic, happy, engaging and fun to name a few of her wonderful characteristics. It is very clear to me that her portrayal of the person she has transformed into as she describes in her book matches the Janet that I know. Knowing Janet in this way, I never would have imagined the personal challenges she has endured through much of her life as described in her book along with her persistence in evolving her life to steady state of happiness. Janet wonders why she had been very sad, lonely and in turmoil with seemingly having what many would consider the foundation for a successful, happy life. She goes through a persistent and unwavering quest to tap into and piece together her life experiences going back to early childhood combined with research to develop a deeper understanding of herself and why she was down on life. This deep rooted analysis and strong desire empowered her to turn her life around and flourish spiritually. Janet has written a very inspiring, passionate and up-lifting piece sharing her life’s experiences and journey to happiness. By openly sharing her story she encourages others that may be struggling with life challenges to open their eyes to a fulfilled and happy life. Janet DiTroia’s book ‘My Eyes Are Open’ is wonderful and I would highly recommend to all!!!
Mike K. 

My Eyes are Open is an eye opener, Read this wonderful spiritual memoir and felt as though Janet was referring to my own life,. The way she took incidents that occurred in her own life Issues, Five Star on this book that I will also use a reference book. A true plus in anyone’s library.

Great book, so enlightening, great for your self- improvement. Easy read and a must have for any reader.


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