Testimonials regarding Janet’s seminars and private sessions

*The light shines in and through Janet, the wisdom is said with love, the messages are spot on. She is a spirit who raises other spirits… Karen

* Janet truly embodies the word “Love”. In one sitting with her I walked away with tools for loving myself that have taken me a lifetime to learn… E.

*My experience with Janet was really motivating an inspiring, I came to her today never really expecting anything. I was meant to meet her! I walked out of her session with a big smile on my face…J.D.

*Janet was amazing!  She was able to tune into my energy and reveal to me, what no one else seemed to know. I left feeling empowered! J

*Janet not only gave me guidance but reaffirmed messages I had received from previously, thank you Janet!  A

*I felt uplifted by Janet’s loving energy and kindness… R

*It was a pleasure meeting Janet. In our session I was able to learn more about myself and get guidance in my present situation. She provided positive recommendation on next steps, she empowered me very greatly… I

*In meeting Janet today I felt easily accepted and loved. Her authentic way of loving and accepting others was amazing. She gave me wonderful guidance and I felt inspired… thank you!  M.